I’m Gabe. I’m a designer with an education in cognitive science from UC Berkeley.

I bring my background in the study of the mind and brain, as well as my background in UI/UX and visual communications to study and architect solutions in the fields of gaming, VR, and visual technologies.

I design…

Games • UX Graphics

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Some kind words

Gabe is wicked. He was responsible for overseeing the marketing operations and rebranding initiatives for The California Cognitive Science Conference and our organization as a whole. His mind is razor sharp, and thinks outside of the box. He’s able to take complex ideas and distill them into creative products that are simple and beautiful. On …

Edfil Dulay

I had the privilege of knowing Gabe since August 2014, when he became a Resident Assistant for Bowles Hall at the University of California, Berkeley. Immediately upon meeting him, it was clear that he was enthusiastic about creating an inclusive community among the students in his hall. However, in the year I supervised Gabe, he …

Kameron Winters

I had the great pleasure of working with Gabe for several years in the Residence Hall system at UC Berkeley. As a Hall Mentor, he provided guidance to incoming students and assisted the Resident Advisors with programs and events. He later joined the ranks of the Resident Advisor, and proved to be an invaluable member …

Jonathan Parsley, CPA

I’ve worked with Gabe for about a year and he is consistently responsible, detail-oriented, creative, and a fantastic communicator. Gabe isn’t afraid to speak up and ask the hard questions in a project. He is a fast-learner, exceedingly hard working and intelligent, and most importantly an overall great human being. Happy to have had the …

Sahar Yousef, PhD Candidate

Great eye for design and a pleasure to work with. (Kevin’s LinkedIn)  

Kevin Royston

User Experience

Please click a link below to view some of my user experience work.

Epitorus Innervative


Modern Mixtapes

Part of what I love so much about music is how it can impart emotion and thought so quickly, not just through lyrics but rhythm, instrumentation, melody. It can tug at you without you even realizing it. It can help you clarify your own emotions. I also love finding and analyzing patterns. Together, these two …

What’s coming

I love starting new things. There’s an energy you get from the first few steps of a new project that is unlike anything else. But the trouble is keeping that excitement going once that initial dopamine hit is gone, especially when simply talking about a project gives nearly as much pleasure as working on it, …