Modern Mixtapes

Part of what I love so much about music is how it can impart emotion and thought so quickly, not just through lyrics but rhythm, instrumentation, melody. It can tug at you without you even realizing it. It can help you clarify your own emotions.

I also love finding and analyzing patterns. Together, these two loves resulted in a drive to make playlists. Whether in musical quality, subject matter, tone, I have spent an inordinate amount of time on these lists of songs over the last few years.

Some are useful, like my “Wordless” playlists that I listen to while I work, the current incarnations split between calming, slow music and energizing, fast music. Others are thoughtful lists of trends in music, such as my Hey Hey playlist. Still others are lists of songs revolving around a theme, such as my Werewolf soundtrack. Still others help me figure out how a character I’ve written thinks and feels, where the playlist ends up being an exploration of personality.

Here are some of my favorites of my own playlists. All are still in progress, though.

I hope you enjoy them!


Wordless, Calm Ambience




On Love Songs


Hey Hey


Woof: Werewolf Soundtrack


Going Mad


Let’s Be Bad

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