7th Annual California Cognitive Science Conference

Halfway through my first year as part of the UC Berkeley Cognitive Science Student Association, we began to work on The 7th Annual California Cognitive Science Conference: Communication – The Connected Mind. The following year I would be an executive board member and the club’s Marketing Director, but for now I was the Graphic Designer. I went through many design ideas, eventually settling on using the intricate pattern of a Purkinje neuron and manipulating the image to include people talking to each other. At the time, some important details had not yet been decided, including the location which was therefore left out of this design. Below is the poster I came up with.



I was also asked to make versions that used the UC Berkeley color palette, which I did.

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At this point the design of the poster was brought over to the marketing director and the executive board, leading to a bit of a “design by committee” situation. The colors switched to being colors isolated from the official UC Berkeley color palette, the font was changed to something considered more professional, pictures of each speaker were added, and more critical information was added. After all that, the official poster looked like this:


The fronts of the flyers used the various other color combinations


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—and here is the back.


The conference was a blast. I was co-head of the catering committee and I am so glad I had the chance to be a part of it. It was such a joy in fact that I joined the executive board of the CSSA the following school year as Marketing Director. Take a look at what I did for the next conference here.