8th Annual California Cognitive Science Conference

For my second California Cognitive Science Conference (put on by the UC Berkeley Cognitive Science Student Association in 2016), I moved from Graphic Designer to full-fledged Marketing Director, which meant that I both had a lot more responsibility and that I had a lot more creative control (to see the previous year’s design, click here).

Building on my previous year’s experience, I made sure I had all the information about the event before providing the design to the rest of the executive board to critique. The theme was “decision making.” I toyed around with many ideas, several revolving around stepping up and individuality.

Then I started to play with how decisions have unintended consequences. How we make decisions based off of what we think is the best choice at the time, but that our predictions are faulty. How things turn out is a tangled mess of different possibilities and their outcomes.

Color seemed like the clearest way to depict different choices, and I knew that by using a simple color palette I would have a ready-made tie-in throughout the various marketing materials that would be produced. I paired down, picking Futura as the font most reminiscent of the clean, curved shapes in the main design.

Below is the final poster design for the 8th Annual California Cognitive Science Conference: Decision Making.


The executive board loved it!

As the conference drew closer, I became the head of a 9 person team with little marketing experience but a lot of passion. Although I did have to be hands-on with them at times—even leading a three hour workshop to answer some of their questions about how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator—many of them quickly learned to self-motivate.

I had them go around campus and to local coffee shops to put up the posters and flyers, manage the Facebook and Eventbrite pages, get the t-shirts ordered, connect to other clubs on campus, make classroom announcements, and delegate smaller tasks further out to the rest of the organization.

2016-04-07 18.47.54.jpg


Below are the other physical and digital marketing materials for the conference, all of which I designed.

First the flyer, front and back.

Here you can see both our event’s Facebook page and a CSSA member’s Facebook profile picture and cover photo.

This is me wearing the conference t-shirt!

Event T-shirt

Unfortunately we ran into some issues with the t-shirt printer, who claimed to be able to do a fade out to match an idea, but it didn’t quite work out.

And here is the conference page on the website.

Website Banner

I’ve met so many great people working with CSSA, and I am going to be sad to say good bye. However, I gain comfort in knowing that I am leaving it in good hands, that will make sure it keeps growing and improving for years to come.