Kameron Winters

I had the privilege of knowing Gabe since August 2014, when he became a Resident Assistant for Bowles Hall at the University of California, Berkeley.

Immediately upon meeting him, it was clear that he was enthusiastic about creating an inclusive community among the students in his hall. However, in the year I supervised Gabe, he has more than increased my level of respect for him since that first impression. Gabe was one of my best staff members. He was hard working, punctual, always took initiative, followed up when needed, and was not afraid to ask questions.

As an RA, Gabe worked endlessly to create a welcoming and supportive environment for the first year students in his hall. Gabe also increased programming and events, making them innovative and creative. One of his greatest strengths is developing new processes. Gabe was constantly working to identify ways to better the work he did, as well as our team and department.

Gabe is intelligent, devoted, and a team player. His determination to accomplish his personal and professional goals is undeniable and I am proud to call him a past supervisee and friend. If I could, I would hire Gabe again.

(Kameron’s LinkedIn)